What's your favorite, most memorable summer memory so far?

I worded that kind of weird, but do you guys have any really amazing memories from the summer time that you would like to share? Feel free to go into detail! :)

Answer #1

Started a road trip at midnight, me and my friend caravanned across Texas.

Answer #2

So far, coming to Dc, from Chicago, on a road trip..

Answer #3

Visited Cancun :) It’s beautiful! Actually I’m here right now

Answer #4

planning random road trips and pranks with my pals, we’re gonna find runners and play eye of the tiger and they run past the car :)

Answer #5

Falling in love last summer (srs) it was great till she broke my heart a week Before school haha. Truly an amazing feeling caring about someone other than family that strongly

Answer #6

About two years ago, my parents unexpectedly told me that we were going to take a road trip to California the next day! It was sooo exciting because I never actually “traveled” before let alone been to Cali. It was fun! We went to a bunch of nice places and attractions such as Long Beach, Universal Studios and Disneyland! I encountered so many great things and I love love loved the sun! Also, last year we took a rode trip to Iowa for a wedding and that was pretty fun too. I love country life because I live in a big city and we don’t experience it often. :)

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