What was first the egg or the chicken.

What was first the egg or the chicken any answer is welcome thank you.

Answer #1

The Chicken - I believe because of evolution.

Answer #2

Duh, the eggken.

Answer #3

ummm I think thei eggg!?

Answer #4

This is the sixth or seventh time somebody has asked this :)

Answer #5

the chook for sure as you need the chooky to produce the egg :-P im guessing atm

Answer #6

I say the egg, cause the chicken could’ve came from a different animal and so it hatched from the egg. Also you could say egg cause you didn’t say what kind of egg and dinosores had eggs. Well that is my answer.

Answer #7

This question is way over-asked, if you type it in the search box at the top-right of this page you’ll see tons of questions with responses.

Answer #8

my teacher always makes us think about this …

I think the chicken may have evolved (sorry I cant spell) from some thing … so I think the egg came first

but on the religous side …

god put everything on this earth … so he may have put the chicken egg on the earth which grew and then layed an egg .. and so on

I get confused by this … read this …


Answer #9

its likley that evolution eventually made up the chicken first after evolving from something similar after a few thousand/million years then later on it would have evolved the ability to produce eggs to carry on the survival of its species

Answer #10

“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

The egg . It was laid by the female of a species. During its development it developed one or more evolutionary traits that started its distinctiveness as being a little different from the creature that laid it.

Those traits aided in its survival and growth and were therefor passed on to future generations.

Future generations kept evolving with additional survival traits until eventually the complete chicken had evolved.

But it still had to come from an egg, so the egg came first!

An interesting video link:

“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”


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