What came first?

What came first the chicken or the egg?

Was there first an egg, which hatched and became a chicken… If so what made the egg?


Was there first a chicken which layed an egg- which became a chicken if so surely there must’ve first been an egg which became a chicken but what created the egg?


Answer #1

there where dinosaurse before chichens, and they made eggs; so the egg came first I love being a smart *

Answer #2

How about this; the chicken is the egg, the egg is the chicken. We are all the egg, and we are all the chicken. Everything is one, and one is everything.

Answer #3

there were eggs before chickens arrived (dinosaurs eggs where chicken would have been originated) through out time, the content of that egg evolved into what is known for us today as chickens. so it was the egg that came first. I’ll go with metal answer.

Answer #4

the chicken came 1st.

either the chicken evolved from another animal…which is what I believe.

or the chicken was made by God…what religous people believe.


Answer #5

OHHH!! that’s a REALLY GOOD question!!! I’m going to say that god made up the chicken and them the chicken hatched and egg or something like that!!

Answer #6

According to evolution, a mutation caused a chicken to be born a chicken. Another animal, similar to a chicken, would have presumably laid a chicken egg. Therefore, in my opinion, the egg came first, but it didn’t come from nowhere. hugs, Jill

Answer #7

The correct answer is, there is no defined beginning to a circle.

Answer #8


Answer #9

chicken. god created the animals then they had babies!

Answer #10


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