what to use to get rid of weed smell??...

ok so is there any plug in filter system things someone could use to help get the marijuana smell out of a room? like I know there is 1 for ciggerets

Answer #1

drugs are not cool

Answer #2

What you do is take the cardboard roll that is on the inside of paper towels and stuff it lightly with your choice of fragrance dryer sheets. When you smoke weed, blow the smoke through the paper towel roll it should filter the smoke to where there is barely any and what does get through does not smell like weed.

Answer #3

light matches lol or use fabreeze or lysol(:

Answer #4

frbreex or if you have a bottle of any kind od axe body spray you can ues that to. I smoke weed to so if you need someone to talk to funmail me

Answer #5


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