How do I get rid of the vomit smell in my house?

my friend has been feeling sick she puked a few mins ago all over my bedroom hardwood floor and went home I puked twice in the toilet from the smell how do I get rid of it all over the house quickly I have to sleep in mymoms room and I still smell itjust not nearly as bad.

Answer #1

1 , air out your house, open all door,s and window,s, then spray carpet cleaner everywhere and hope for the best, I have 2 dog,s and a cat, that seem,s 2 work !!!

Answer #2

she ad to go home oxojenneoxo she felt so bad she tried helping and she puked more luckily that tme she made it to the toilet loll

Answer #3

deodorizer sprays and anti-bacterial air sprays and stuff…

Answer #4

get your friend to do it, she made the stench! lol

Answer #5

Vinegar gets rid of most smells. Try throwing that in the water you use to scrub the floors with.

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