Getting rid of weeds

How can you get rid of them forever, Without the need for a atom bomb…???

Answer #1

you may want to check the weed be gone or roundup websites but I believe I heard once that you can spray that on the weeds so long of a time before you plant and it will help keep weeds down and won’t hurt your plants if it has been along enough time since you sprayed it, but like I said I would check their websites

Answer #2

I don’t till my garden so I have less weeds to come up. I get them when they first come up & kill the roots and don’t have them until the following year.

Answer #3

if you are going to lay mulch, lay landscaping fabric down first. The weeds tend to make their way through the mulch pretty fast… Then cut X’s or circles in the fabric where you want to plant your plants.

Answer #4

lol, you can’t… but there are ways of limiting them. If you start to use mulch in your flower beds, it reduces about 75% of them. I use mulch about 2-3 inches thick although recommended is 4 inches. It also makes your flower beds look better and watering is easier.

Answer #5


Great advice from all!


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