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What are you supposed to expect when you lose your v!rginity? btw im a girl...

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You don't have to wait until marriage...just until you are in a committed relationship and old enough for the consequences. As for the physical feeling. Some girls feel pain and bleed a little bit and others don't feel pain at all. But it is best not to expect anything absolutely wonderful from your first time.

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oh. you mean your GOING to have sex? well phsically, some people feel pain, some feel..I don't know, pleasure.

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If your not expecting a proposal first, keep your panties up! The tighter the better.

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what do you mean what are you supposed to except? you can feel happy, confused,guilty..you feel like you just lose your virginity.. do you feel excited,relieved, guilty? theres really no other way to put it.

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your bum might ache for a while and there is a very high chance that you will get pregeant. condoms dont always work. even if there's the slightest tear, no matter how microscopic, you could end up with a baby. I highly suggest if you're not married, you just wait. its really not that hard.

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