What to do when someone dies?

My boyfriends mom just passed away and I want to be there for him but he wants to keep to himself. I feel so bad and I dont want to leave him by himself but he keeps saying he wants to be alone. I text him and he will respond but after I respond again he wont answer. Im so worried about him, I know his mom and him were very close and I want to be there for him! Any advice as to what I should do? His mom was a great person and its sad to think she is gone :(

Answer #1

He just has to progress through the cycles of grief. You need to wait patiently for him, and in time he’ll talk again. But for now all you can do is give him that shoulder to cry on.

Answer #2

Just give him some space for the moment , he’s grieving right now , it’s normal to want to be alone , tell him if he wants to talk you’re here for him , and just wait , when he’s ready , he’ll talk to you :)

Answer #3

When you think of it you get sad. I magine how he gets. So I think that when you are talking to him, or texting him don’t bring mom up, you know bring up other things. Don’t make this moment for him a moment that he always has to think about it and all. When you go to him don’t go to that subject. Take him out, to have fun. But everyonce in a while do talk to him and let him know that you are there so he can you know pour his feelings out to.

Answer #4

hey. it must be really hard for him right now, I cant imagine how sad he must be. its natural for you to want to be by his side and help him through this but that might not be what he wants..maybe he doesnt want you to see him really upset. and im sure he just needs time to himself to sort out his feelings, I would say just let him know youre thinking about him and you will be there the second he decides that he needs your suport. im sure hes thankful that you care though (:

Answer #5

hi, I no its hard but you need to respect that he needs to be alone, I know you may think that because your his partner he’ll turn to you for help. but just send him a text sayin ‘I’ll be here for you when you need me and want to talk. I love you’ Thats all you need to say. you dont want to bother him to much because he may take his heartache out on you and finish you and I no you dont want that. people act differently when losing someone and you will never no how someone truly feels x

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