How can i help my little girl as she is being sick all night?

How can I Help my little girl as she is being sick all night I have taken her to hospital and they just kept an eye on her for 3 hours then sent her home again.

she is normally health as well.

any ideas would be very helpful

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thats all good and welll thankyou but she is only 22 months old

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hmm read books


Play games

Listen to music


Tell jokes



good luck

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Awww theres nothing I love to see more than a caring mother!!

not the point lol I guess you two could cuddle up under a nice big blanket and you could read her a bed time story. If she still is being breast fed then do that as well =) have her rest on top of you, its more comfortable for her to be with her mother then on a bed =)

How can I help my baby girl ?
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ah ok
well you can alway just talk to her all night. maybe if she get calm enough she might fall into a nap

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