What to do when a newborn puppy isn't getting enough milk?

My newborn dachshund puppies were born 3-9-10. One of the puppies doesn’t seem to be getting enough milk. The other two just push her out of the way. She isn’t whiney or anything, but I am concerned because she is the smallest of the three. Also, she doesn’t seem to be completely latching on like the other two when she does get in. Do I need to be concerned yet, or give her a little time? All advice is greatly appreciated.

Answer #1

ya I would worry you have to do it asap… esp if he looks all runty small and withered up and dry… you shoud do it before s/he dies of dehydration and starvation… ;(

Answer #2

Hey not sure if yu got my other post… but you have 2 go to the pet store & buy formula for the puppy… he may not be sucking the tit… and no milk or pretending to. This happened to my puppy and he would have died if my boyfriend did not feed him in a puppy bottle… Good lluck to your pups… I wasnt going to post on here but I wanted to save a PupS life… Good luck!

Answer #3

You supplement the feeding with a bottle. They need to eat every 2 hours, so it will keep you busy. You will lose him, if you don’t supplement by hand (food is what helps them stay warm)…He should be gaining weight every single day. You can get the replacement milk and a puppy bottle at Petco or Petsmart…


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