What should i use to mark newborn puppies?

My Winn-Dixie(one in the pics) is due to have her puppies this next week. I am trying to decide the best way to mark them when born so I can tell them apart. I have read a lot on the internet and talked to several people and have a few ideas(nail polish, colored ribbon, ect..)
I was wondering if newborn pugs are small enough initially to use colored hair ties as a collar until all have been recorded and weighed? Has anyone ever done this and is it an okk idea?

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you will be surprised at how well you will be able to tell them apart. They each will have something that makes them different. And ofcourse the sex. Just like mothers can easily tell the identiacl twind apart. I think you will be able to do it.

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Rick-Rack looks like this...every litter of pups I've ever seen has had rick-rack collars, because it come in SO many colors.

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I've seen ribbons used to identify puppies (darker boyish colors for boys, and light girly colors for girls), it looks very sweet.

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Use colored rick-rack (or ribbon)...you can get it at Walmart, in the sewing section...

NO rubber bands...!!!


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nail polish, it may work its what the shelter where I work does when stray females come in pregnant, good luck but please I beg you spay your dog after her pups are weaned and she has some time to recover :0)

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Are you sure the Mom won't lick it off. My dog mothers would have a fit with anything on their puppies. They are very protective of their puppies the first few days. I will bet your female will have none of it! She may hurt the puppies trying to get it off. I wouldn't do it. Put nothing on those pups.

I have used nail polish and it comes off and marker and the skin soaks it up.

What I do is- I take pictures and write the puppies in a notebook. Meaning-

First born - Female - Fawn with full black mask and white tipped toes. Heart shaped mark on chest. 6 oz. born 12:15am Oct 12, 2008

Your only going to have about 3 or 4 pups right. I mean for a Pug isn't 4 a big litter.

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If cross stitch tread is as thick as yarn, then that's ok...


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I cross stitch and think I am going to use different colored cross stitch thread to mark them...make little collars for each one...

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I wouldn't put rubber bands around a baby dog's neck...=/

washable marker maybe?..

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I know people who have put a dot of food colouring on them to tell them apart for a little while (it will go away, don't worry).

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