What to do to recover after wresling?

I just started wresling and its probly the hardest condisioning ever in a tiny like over 90 degree room. and after I am in pain. so what can I do to help recover quicker? also I have practice everyday.

Answer #1

There are also certain foods, such as raisins, which contain a high amount of a chemical that helps to reduce the acid build up in muscles, which is what causes part of the soreness.

Answer #2

After practice streach and put ice on what hurts for fifteen minutes then off for five repet three to. For times. Good luck

Answer #3

over the winter is the time to build up your core strength.. like getting a lot of muscle built up for the summer. right now I’m training for rugby and throwing in athletics and its hardcore stuff, you only gain anything when you feel pain, I say that you do a lot of stretches.. for a decint amount of time. and have a lye down, maybe watch TV and ice the sore bits. if you need any advice on stretching or anything like that just gimme a shout.

Answer #4

rest up a bit and put ice where it hurts hope it helps =)

Answer #5

put some weight on, ice anything that hurts or just suck up the pain its a hard as* sport, im a wrestler, I know how it is and I still lift weights after practice

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