what should we do my best friends brother is sick?

Ok, so my best friend in the whole wide world has a brother and he is sick, but no one knows why… Not even doctors. He is constantly spending time in the hospital and social services says if he doesn’t start going to school, there gonna take my friend, her sister, and her sick brother away from her parents because its not a good enough reason for him not to go. My best friends brother has been sick for 3 years and hasn’t been to school, but he is home schooled by his mom. My real questions are, How can we find out why he is sick? How can social services do this? and Is there any way I can help? BTW: We are all in middle school!!!

Answer #1

been there and still there!!! I soo feel your bff’s pain!! OMG!! Just o to a good hospetal make sure that they go to school and human services know everything!! fun mail me plese!!

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