What should I do to get my sister to stop hating me?

Well we both HATE each other. A while ago it eaither was we were best friends or worst enemies. But about a week ago she did and said stuff that I just can’t forgive her for it and we’re not getting along at all. We curse at each other and stuff like that.

Answer #1

well you can always apologize but that does not always work…I agree with the first advice and think you should just be very nice to her and share with her often and get her nice gifts often to tell her you still care and want to be her friend not her worst enemy.

Answer #2

Sucks. Me and my sister are in the same situation only difference is we’ve been going at it for almost 2 years befor we were inseperable. Now we even fight each other. But one of you guys should just apologize because when it gets as bad as my situation there’s no turning back. :(

Answer #3

I think you should go up to your sister and confront her about it without the cursing, rude comments, or putting each other down. Tell her whats bothering you and ask her what you do thats bothering her, work it out from there. It may sound stupid and 6 year oldish but what many people dont relize is that sometimes you have to put aside your ‘issues’ and just tlk about it. Hope I Helped –Hugz’n’Kizzez

Answer #4

dannng dats huge and defiently with sisterss !!! I think you should take her somewhere where yall can talk bout your feelings like you dont like fighting wth herr… or if she dont wanna come to u… then write her your feelings about it and tell her everything put it in her room or sumthin even buy something and put that and da card with it togethrrr… just show her how you always wanna be there for herr, you guys are sisterss (: good luck

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