What should I do my laptop battery is dead ?

ok my laptop battery is dead … I just bought this laptop like last christmas I think? Im looking around for it and they are so damn expensive around 140 bucks and over … the only way I can get it cheap is online but I dont trust online stores because you have to use your credit card number ?… what is one way I can recycle my exsisting battery … I heard freezing works from some pple ? has anyone tried it , what do I do before I put it in the freezer and for how long should I leave it in for ? my lap to is an hp the G60 series …

Answer #1

Batteries seemingly go dead usually when run down to a voltage less than 1 volt per cell. The proper resuscitation technique needs to be done by someone that knows how. Essentially the battery must be jump started momentarily at a voltage about 20 percent above the rated voltage. Watch POLARITY positive to positive and negative to negative. Next Charge one hour at the one-hour rate. For a 2000MAH battery this would be one hour at 2000 MA of current. Finish charging with you usual charger till full charge is indicated. One caution: never run it down too low again or you might be back where you started.

Answer #2

if the battery is dead… well I dont know the whole story, but do you have to have a battery? my laptop works fine without a battery, but it isn’t portable it has to be plugged in, but I dont really know of anyways to fix a laptop battery, id say ebay is your best bet, or go to a local electronic store and see what they can do.

Answer #3

Bad news, I’m afraid. The battery in your laptop computer MUST be replaced with one that your Laptop manufacture sells. Whilst it may be cheaper to use a generic battery, this will be false economy. The generic battery will be made of cheap materials, will not last long and there have been reports of some generic batteries actually catching fire!

Answer #4

well you might have to spend the 140… if the battery doesn’t hold a charge it’s bad and needs to be replaced, and if it does charge it up and turn on the laptop and let it run out… charging and then letting it run out and a good way to sync it with the battery meter in windows and extends life a little bit… ‘Batteries plus’ is a store, check that out and like ‘mrgramophone’ said the manufactures website to order one is most trustworthy however is probaly most expensive… Otherwise if never heard of freezing the battery, im frozen bout that issue…

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