laptop battery question

…when I turned my laptop a few days ago…it came up with a message by my battery-level, saying my battery is reaching the end of its usable life. …like not a regular low-battery warning.

I admitidly leave my computer on all the time (and its rarely been off since I purchased it last year… im on it a lot, and it takes too long to turn it on.

my question is…will my computer still work if I keep it plugged in all the time? because thats fine with me,… im just worried about it not working even then.

any advice is greatly appreciated

Answer #1

Hey man, im experiencing the exact same thing, your battery is toast. Its always handy to have a battery, but not neccesary. You can have it plugged in forever, or atleast till it dies of other issues. Your power source will work. But I recommend you buy a new battery, in case your cord fries aswell, which is common. Only down side is that battery can go up to 100 bucks. Best of luck.

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