What should i do, i skipped school and got caught?

I skipped school and went and hung out with my friends. They school called my parents and I wasent at home so they couldnt find me... There gonna be home at 5!!! What do I do???

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hah. dont be. I do this shit all of the time..just keep your shit together, and pray to god that your a lagit liar. :) good luck.

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Telling them straight up may work. It depends on how your parents are. The worse that will happen is you'll get grounded and you'll never want to skip again. :)

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Ok, so what happened? Can't give a build up like that and not follow through

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I need an excuse.. I think im gonna say the older girls were picking on me. (freshman) so I came home... and hid from them when I heard them come in cause I knew I would get in trouble for not being at school cause I was haveing a bad day...

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okay. well obviously you know your in trouble, and so do your parents. schools are smart. even though I hate to give them the credit, but its true. I mean I've become pro at it. but NEVER do the whole day, unless you are at home and can take the phone call. leave when you figure the best time is. but anyways..what to do what to do...hmmm well just come out, and take responsibility for your actions, and whatever you did with your friends, dont go into full detail if its something that will get you into further trouble, and if its friends your parents know..make up others so that they still trust you with your other friends..if you want to know more just ask :)

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tell them you skipped school. When I was at school, I told my mum I skipped school and she said 'at least you told me' I mean, it's easier if they hear it from you before they hear it from the school. Just say it like it's normal and if they are tough on you- you'll just have to let them ground you.

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hah. sounds lagit. go with it.

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Your mom and dad should spank your back side bare

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ya think itll work?

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Ha nice excuse

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okay... :( im so scared.. ahhh!

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Ahaha you done a very poor job, Into my days i always walk far from my residential :) Well, Now i am feeling its not good to do such activities, Our parents/government bearing our expenses and we should prove our self instead to do such activities. I'm very please to inform you that there is big difference between local and a guy who's working into Microsoft or google on behalf of its good study.

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