What should I do about wanting to become Anorexic?

I want to become Anorexic, but all my friends are against it. Also my parents hate it when they see something is wrong, such a losing weight fast, or being Emo. So should I listen to my friends or go with what I want?

Answer #1

you cant become anorexic by wanting it! I have an eating disorder and it aint no fun and games! listen to people arond you! if you want to lose weight cut out the junk food and just eat a normal healthy diet!

Answer #2

Given that no one knows exactly how to develop an eating disorder, I wish you luck. If you figure out how, please do let the researchers know. You’re talking about a mental disorder after all. I.e. not having control and losing touch with reality. Quite a difficult thing to accomplish on purpose.

Answer #3

why the hell would you choose to be anorexic?? its ok to wanna lose a few pounds, but dont becoeme anorexic. im sayin this for your own good. I know that theres pressure to beocme ohsoskinny, believe me, I know, but dont do it. be strong I agree wih xxjonnyxx lol

Answer #4

never become anorexic you could easly get ill from it. god made you the way he wants you to be and you will just have to follow what you want but just be carful

Answer #5

No offense, but I think you’re confused. Anorexia is a horrible disorder and it is very difficult to recover from it.

Answer #6

you can’t choose anorexia, it choses you and you wouldn’t want it, I nearly died, it aint fun, it’s horrible and it’s painful and it’s for life. if you want to loose weight, just drink water, eat fruits and vegetables and don’t eat so many sweet foods, a normal, healthy diet will help you loose a bit of weight.. listen to your friends and family, they care about you and don’t wish this disease on you.x

Answer #7

Okay I think your crazy. you need to not do that-one of my close friends became anerexic last year and I don’t think she’ll ever quite recover from it. you should just try a sport or something-do not stop eating altogether because you can kill urself, and it would pretty much kill the people around you. I know this from personal experience.

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