Does wanting to be anorexic mean you aren't?

Does wanting and planning to be anorexic make you not anorexic? Hopefully that makes sense.

Answer #1

Wanting to be anorexic is absurd. However, it’s an eating disorder but it’s psychological. My friend has a 15 year old daughter that is anorexic and is purging and confided in my daughter so I alerted her mother, who suspected it and took her to the doctor to have labwork done to confirm it and is now taking her to a therapist. You should maybe talk to someone about this.

Answer #2

Planning to be anorexic? Your better off planning to eat healthily & excercise to get a tight good looking body. Wanting to become a sickly bag off bones isn’t something worth planning for!!!

Answer #3

it dont make sense and been anorix I thinkit retarted why dont you jus kill yourself cause you need food to live

Answer #4

Wanting to be anorexic is the first step in actually becoming anorexic. If you want to become anorexic, then message me.

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