Can someone overweight become anorexic?

Is it possible for overweight teens to become anorexic? i am overweight by at most 100 lbs. so i gradually stopped eating. now i only eat about 300 calories a day. when i look at food it makes me sick, even if im not the one eating. so i wanted to know is it even possible that i am anorexic? also i am very hard on the way i look. please message me with answers at

Answer #1

Its not only loosing weight on the eating less. You can have good meals depending on how you serve yourself and on what you eat. Plus alittle exercise wont hurt?

Answer #2

Yes, even overweight people can have an eating disorder, and it sounds like you do have one. I would suggest talking to a counselor or therapist about it before it gets even more out of hand.

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