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What should I do about racism in church?

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Well it's only a problem I've dealth with in Indonesia not anywhere else...

I sit down at church and once in a while the pastor will make a joke about black people...

He'd make america as an example that black people can't be anything in life...Ironic isn't their current president is black...

Me myself being black/asian/islander...feel well??What am I suppossed to feel when everybody laughs at the joke and accepts it...Excuse me?WHO gave him the right to say God's Church of all places!I felt like stoning him alive im sorry I mean seriously !Seriously get me some stones!

I mean what am I supposed to's in the culture here to be more white and less black...what the hells going on???I experience open racism in schools and streets I can put up with that anywhere...racism is just a reality that I face as a black woman...BUT IN CHURCH>>>UNACCEPTABLE!!

I don't know whether asians in general like to be more white I;d never generalize but THATS WHAT I SEE's like the phillipines too...all these colonialist bull thats been passed over unto us to make us think in a certain way.

WHat can I do to make my church realize it's not right.WHy they so blind??