What should I do about my grandmother stealing medication?

My grandmother is up visiting and I know she has a problem with abusing medications, after the second day of her staying here a large portion of the medications in the house went missing. I confronted her about it and she played the “oh im just a poor old grandma” card. Im not sure how to handle this situation. Any advice?

Answer #1

Tell her wassup! That you want her to be fine so if she needs any meds to just ask please..in a serious tone.

Answer #2

If theres any other medication lying around the place, any at all then just hide it all away where she won’t think of looking, even lock it up if you have to. I don’t like when elderly people play the, oh I’m poor old grandma card like you said. Confront her propally, tell her you know she’s not a poor old grandma and you know she’s been taking the medication. Sometimes you’ve gotta be a bit tough.

Answer #3

Lock everything up. When shes in the shower dig thru her stuff and see if you see anything.

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