Ingrown toenail surgery complications

OK so I got ingrown toenail surgery and everything is healing fine.. its been about two weeks.. and just last week a had a follow up appointment and the doc said it was looking good but it was a little pink. And he said if it became more pink or I felt a warm sensation or if it was swollen to come back. Well it is really pink now and just about red. It is getting pretty sore and just a little drainage. not pus but more water like. And some of my skin by the nail is wrinkly which is freaking me out. So I was wondering when I call him to get it checked for infection what will he do? like antibiotics or something? Because right now I’m all paranoid about the whole red streaks going up your leg and stuff… which I dont have lol. I dont want to have my toe cut off lol. Help me!!!

oH p.s its like the holiday is coming you know.. 4th of july and I dont know wether he will be in his office.. so will my toe be ok until then…

Answer #1

any inflammation, redness, heat, oedema (water retention) or bleeding is a sign of a wound.

when you have pus leaking or a tempreture yourself, thats indicative of an infection.

because of the nature of the wounds origin, going to your doctor whill be the best course od action. don’t freak out though, it’ll probably mean just some anti-biotics. however, only your doctor can conclusivly treat you. since you medical history or the wound is not available for anyones viewing, only your doctor can give you the appropriate treatment - and doctor do NOT like cutting bits off peoples body unless it’s putting the rest of their health in jeopardy, like ghangerine or frostbite, where there is no circualtion and the presence of dead tissue.

so calm down, few anti-biotics have side effects, so they are unlikely to interfere with your hols…

Answer #2

Right after my toe surgery for ingrown nails I thought the same thing…it’s infected again etc… But everything ended up being fine! That’s been 6 months ago and this morning I woke up with one of my toes hurting. I got a knife and ran it down the side of what’s left of my skinny toenail…a little bit of puss came out. That can’t be good!

Answer #3

see thats what I mean im not sure.. because tommorrow we are having fireworks… and his office is here soo I dont know if he wil take me tommorow.. and then the next day is the 4th of july so I think he will definitly be closed… I am just worried about it.. like will my toe be ok until friday.. after the holidays?

Answer #4

Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!

  Call him tomorrow and see what he says.

Answer #5

it’s probably an infection, they sometimes need to drain it and put you on antibiotics, is there any way to see him tomorrow?

Answer #6

I’m sorry, I’m not a doctor, I cant answer that… I highly doubt your toe is going to have to be cut off… just call him, I’m sure if it’s urgent he’ll see you…

Answer #7

Honestly, onchorycoptsis (self treatment) is not wise unless you are a qualified doctor or surgeon. I recommend hot salt baths and resti the toe until you are able to consult a physician.

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