How do you keep ingrown toenails from growing back?

I have ingrown toenails (the sides grow into the skin surrounding the toenail) on both big toes.

Now, I can temporarily fix them on my own. I’ve been doing it my whole life. But the part that does it ALWAYS grows back and causes pain.

How can I stop it from growing back?

Answer #1

Do you cut a V shape out of the center of your nail? Of course, (be careful not to cut too deep). This will make your nail grow towards the middle, bringing the nail away from the sides. It’s amazing.

Answer #2

you have to keep it from growing in your skin and dont cut it off because it will keep coming back but once it grows enough it will grow with your toe nail and you wont have to worry about it anymore I had the same problem hope I helped

Answer #3

Make sure its a upside down V’

Answer #4

it shouldnt be an upside down V !!!

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