What's a good hairstyle for thick, thick hair?

My Hair is very thick and when I say thick I mean thick. I need a new hairstyle. Right now I have long layers. My face is squarish , HELP I need a NEW style!!!

Answer #1


If you have thick hair, your hair type is often very strong and you’re likely to have hard to manage hair. A layering haircut can give thick hair more shape and direction.

Silkening products—pomades, surfacers, and even strong hair gels can add control.

Very straight, thick hair is often resistant to perms, can be stubborn about holding a curl, and likely to need frequent perming to maintain hair’s new texture.

Answer #2

need a medium haircut for very thick wavy hair

Answer #3

What do I think about thick hair? I think that some people don’t the talent to do hair like myself, So, I would get somebody can do hair like micro-braids, or Pixies

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