What's a good hairstyle to make my hair look less thick?

I have sort of a round face and really thick hair. Could someone suggest a hair style and a way to to make my hair seem not as thick?

Answer #1

I have extemlely thick hair!!! and what really works other than getting layers was Paul Mitchell “skinney serum” it is amazing but you have to get it from a hair salon if you get it anywhere else they are selling it ilegally and that means its not the real deal

Answer #2

Ask a salon to thin your hair out. A little girl I know had the same thick hair and it was always hard to brush so her mom made her an appointment and she has really gorgeous hair now. All they did was thin it out. DO THAT! It works really good!

Answer #3

I have really think hair and so I get layers cut in the top third to take out some of the weight and thickness. It helps a lot!

Answer #4

thick hair is GORGEOUS. and if you don’t want your hair to be that thick than just go to the salon and tell them that and they will thin it out. or you can get all over layers, short and long. and it would look REALLY CUTE. but then you’d have to straighten or blowdry it so it looks cute with the layers.

Answer #5

put it up in a loppy bun.

Answer #6

Pony tails some times work, depending on the thickness, and buns work too.

Answer #7

lot’s and lot’s of LONG layers.

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