What are some good hairstyles for thick, short, bushy hair?

Okay so, I have really thick, bushy, short, curly hair and I wanted to try something new. No straightening, though.

Answer #1

I finally stopped straightening my hair 4x daily, and now wear it curly cut into a wedge when wet, and let it dry curly and wear it with an asymmetrical style. I get endless compliments.. wish I’d done this years ago and saved myself so much time and grief worrying about it.

It works great like this in all weathers, regardless of what my activities are from swimming (which I do almost daily), walking, and other sports. Some men are particularly complimentary and I get endless offers of dates from all age groups. I tend to be attracted now only to men who like my hair, this too saves un-necessary headaches. So life now is far more carefree now that I no longer have to think abt my hair. The only key is really finding a hairdresser who will work with you and be consistent at keeping your look just as you want it.

I suggest grow it, figure out a style you like and have fun with it,

Good Luck.

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