How Do I Re-arrange This Physics Formulae?

Can anyone show me how to re-arrange this physics formulae?


I want ‘t’ as the subject of the formulae.


Answer #1

2(s-ut)/a= t2 And to remove the square just take under root of the whole left hand side

Answer #2

You’ll have many more formulas to deal with in physics. Review your Algebra. Try to get the variable you want (t) by itself by getting rid of everything else. So you subract ut from both sides to get rid of the ut on the right side (s-ut=1/2at^2). Then double both sides to get rid of the 1/2 (2(s-ut)=at^2). Then divide both sides by a to get rid of that on the right side (2(s-ut)/a = t^2). Then take the square root of both sides to get rid of the square (sqrt(2(s-ut)/a)=t).

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