What shampoo is good for your hair?

what shampoo do you use that make's you hair grow faster or just make it look better?

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all of their stuff works really well
honestly, I've been using the line for years, and my hair is so healthy, much better than when I was using other, even sometimes more expensive, brands

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What kind of shampoo is good for greasy hair?

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Pantene and Sunsilk!!

I use the volume boosters on both.

What are good shampoos & conditioners that make your hair smell nice?
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I use Pantene Pro-V... It works good!!!

Who knows of really good shampoo for oily and thinning hair?

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I use john frieda!! it works well!!
but its pricey

what is a good shampoo for dameged, dry, frizzie hair?
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My exwife swore by Pantene I myself cant help you but thats what my exwife used and it worked for her

Good shampoo and conditioner when losing hair?

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I use NUU or TRESEMME. they cost a lot but they work really good.

Is Loreal shampoo and conditioner good for your hair?
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Dove shampoo
conditionar : dove and Garnier both works for me !!

What shampoo is really good for making thick hair less poofy?

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