What's good shampoo for frizzy hair?

Hey everyone, I have very fine hair and a dry scalp (no dandruff, just dry). My hair likes to frizz, and on good days it might curl. Any advice on a good shampoo (brand, etc.) I should use?

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Garnier Fructis is good for my daughter's frizzy dry hair.

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just buy shampoo and conditioner that are for dry hair never buy the ones that add body or that are for normal hair. leave conditioner on hair do not rinse .and blow dry your hair. Buy a blow dryer that is 1600 WATTS and when you blow dry your hair part it in 4 part but always start with your roots first front toward the back and a big round bristle brush. Or buy a flat iron and it will be straight. GOD BLESSED

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use tresemme' it will help your scalp and your frizzy hair

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Don't rinse conditioner out? Are you sure about that?

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