What is a good shampoo for dameged, dry, frizzie hair?

I have been triying to take better care of my hair so that it would grow longer, but I cant find a good product for dry, dameged, frizzie hair.

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My hair used to be dry and frizzie until I used gariner fruitis triple nutrition the 24FL Oz is only $6 at Walmart you should try it out it really does work

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Uhm, there is a brand called SunSilk. They have different types of shampoo and conditioners that help with different things. I know that dry, frizzy, and damaged hair are all some of them. I'm sure if you check down the shampoo section you'll find it. :) If it's not in the shapoo section of the grocery store(which it probably wont be) or in Wal Mart, it'll most likely be in Rite Aid or Walgreen's.

Who knows of really good shampoo for oily and thinning hair?

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