`What's your favorite Pokemon? <33

I love Mudkips xD Im trying to get my brother to buy me a mini beanie baby one off ebay xDD So what’s your favorite Pokemon. Pokemon is the shyt. Don’t yke it. Why did click the link hmm?? Don’t like, piss off. Nuffsaid :3

Answer #1

Pikachu is sooo cutee… But I like Pichu too… Technically there the same arent they:)

Answer #2

Which one is mudkips again? it’s the new ones huh? Yeah I have no idea about the new ones really. Originals are always best. But I do like the SMOOCHUM though hahaha just cus the name’s adorable. And Iike Chansey.

Answer #3

I love lapras =D

Answer #4

yeah I love mew as well, I dont like all the newer pokemon though

Answer #5

mew, always has been and always will be

Answer #6


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