what's your favorite pokemon?

I love pokemon!! But I was wondering- what’s your favorite pokemon??

-I have a lot but I love mew

Answer #1

Yeah I always liked Charmander, & Ponyta and Rapidash =]

Answer #2

Mine used to be Gengar… Haven’t played those games in so long, lol.

Answer #3

gotta go with chimchar

Answer #4

oohhh that is an amazing topic :D id have to say… oh tie ditto or jigglypuff! jigglypuff was hilarious and ditto is just awesome =D

Answer #5

squirtle, pikachu, and evee

Answer #6

pikachu is tha best.. but I don’t know its between pikachu and charmander.. theyre soo kute!

Answer #7

when I used to like pokemon (ages ago) I loved Charizard because he was so cool and equally I loved ummm that big bird I think his name was pigeot? and Arcanine … and some fighting type but I can’t remember which one lol

Answer #8

haha- charmander is the background for my phone.

Answer #9


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