What's the most popular cologne for guys?

My wife keeps saying I smell bad, and I'm not sure that she's kidding. So, I'd like to know what's the most popular cologne for guys, since I figure if other dudes are buying it, the smell must be better than my BO ;)

Any tips for what I should be splashing? I've tried cool water in the past, and thought aqua di gio seemed good, but it'd be great to get a recommendation. Thanks!

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I think the most popular collone for guys is Stetson. The reason I say that, is because my boyfriend wears it.

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but for an everyday kind of smell--your better off using a body wash..like old spice or something.

What is the most popular cologne?

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Ralph Lauren has wonderful cologne for men

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you should try tag! that will have you smell good and have your wife all over you as well.

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I think Aqua Di Gio...it smells good.

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I personally think Amaris spells good! Or polo. The trick is not overdoing. You want the women in your life to stop and say "Mmmm, that's Amaris" when you walk by. You don't want them to die of inhalation of the fumes. Spray it in the air in front of you, three quick squirts, and then walk through it. Never spray it ON you. It becomes overpowering. Also, a man's body wash will help if you have BO. Make sure you wash the pits really good and use and anti-persperant, not just deoderant. Deoderant just covers the smell. Anti-persperant keeps you from sweating, or from sweating so much. It's not the perspiration that smells, but when it comes into contact with the bacteria that is on your skin, that is when it starts to smell. I found that degree and Arrid XX Dry are the best for that. Also, what you eat can make you smell different. Onions and garlic will give you musty smell. If I eat asparagus, I smell pretty rank! So stay away from high odor foods if you are trying to impress your woman :)

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I LOVE aqua di gio on a guy.
personally I like Unforgivable by Sean John such a turn on haha

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I was thinking of buying my husband polo black for fathers day. i was told it smells good! whats your opinion?

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Diesel only the brave. Best ever can get it at maCys with bodywash .orrr try euphoria men also at macys

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Take it from a pro...I have a nose unlike any others and I can smell 'BAD' from a mile away...number uno...Do you take a GOOD bath EVERYDAY?
I MEAN soap that rag!.
Wash ALL the body parts
I know this as my husband stinks..he lets the water run over him and thinks he is clean...I gues water was in short supply when he was a kid on the farm! He can make one bottle of liquid soap last 6 months...needlesss to say..we are both celebate...lol

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Alright, looks like all the amatuers are done giving advice, so let me serve up some good ones

Polo-Double Black
Burberry(forgot the name)
Azzaro Chrome

And Yes I own all of those, One for day of the week, and One of the top 3 for the Night out on the town........

the sense of smell is the ultimate aphrodisiac.......so use it well my friend......hope this helps

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axe you smell hahahaha

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grey flannel or Canoe...

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Im 20, and I narrowed it down to about 4 that I wear on a regular basis. Im not one who generally likes robusk sweaty manwhore scents. I prefer the scents that catch a girl off gaurd. Id try these at your local department store, they should have them.

Black Xs- This is my favourite. I have girls tell me everyday that it smells amazing, very unusual smelling. Defnitely something thatll throw people off.

Lacoste Red- Has the hint of green apples at first then fades out to a very refreshing but subtle warm smell.

Paris Hilton For Mean (no..not a joke)- Believe me, as gay as this sounds, Im not kidding. I was as skeptical as any guy before trying this. Its hard to describe the scent, starts off as cucumbers and melons mixed then fades out to alluring very calm and cool scent.

Boss in motion- This is defnitely the fragrence for an athletic guy. Starts off with the smell of oranges but quickly changes to a smell of vanilla and orange hints. A very sexy and enduring calogne, will defnitely get the ladys noticing you.

I would try those few and see how they work for you, hope this helped.

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i like the A&F (abercrombie and fitch) cologne, a guy in my class wore it one time and like all the girls wanted 2 sit around him cuz he smelled so good :)

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I really hate cologne on men. It's so overbearing and besides it clashes with my perfume
BO is caused by bacteria and using cologne is just a cover up.
I recommend my handmade soap made with Lavender Essential Oil. Lavender is an antibacterial. This soap has lots of moisturizing, cleansing lather - you can even shave with it. Follow up with "So Lavender" Lotion for scenting. A real turn on! Your wife will literally swoon into your arms.
You can purchase it at www.miraculousbeads.com
Click on SKIN DEEP on the right hand menu.

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