What cologne do women like?

I want to know what cologne woman like the best for a man. I want to smell good and dont know what to buy.

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I go with Fierce by Abercrombie and Fitch. or Swiss Army by Swiss Army. but I've gotten more compliments about the A&F stuff.

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omg...I love it when guys wear axe...just not too much
the stuff from hollister "jake" smells really good too

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I use Curve and Coolwater sometimes. You just have to try different ones out. What smell nice on one guy might not give off the same scent for you. Try going to the store and ask for a few samples and see what works.

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Lynx and joop :)

what cologne do women like best?

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body odor has always worked for me, you should see the looks ladies give me when I walk by

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