What religion is closest to christianity?

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Many other religions like protestantism and catholicism are denominations of the first faith in christianity. This first faith is known as Orthodox Christian. You have many different orthodoxes such as Russian orthodox and greek orthodox. So Orthodox Christian is the closet.

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I guess it all depends on what ones definition of "religious" is. Those who have no idea what a personal relashionship with God all about would call me "religious".

Religion is man’s attempt to get himself to God. Redemption is God’s work to bring man to Him. Religion kills, redemption saves. Avoid religion, seek redemption.

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*** True Christianity is not a religion at all.

At least you recognize that religion is fundamentally a bad thing and wish to distance yourself from the word. Unfortunately, you are very much religious, in spite of claims to the contrary.

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Both Judaism and Islam reject Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Therefore, neither of those religions “is closest to Christianity”. Catholicism is laced with pagan tradition. True Christianity is not a religion at all. True Christianity is a relationship with God, made possible through the redemptive work of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Christianity evolved from both Judaism and several pagan traditions, so it bears many resemblances to those.

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I think that the Jewish are. Or the Mormon?
Or if you want one that's way different, but the closest, I'd have to say Buddhism?
I'm not too sure...

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Islam does not reject Jesus as Messiah. We Muslims believe Jesus is one of the prophets God sent to humanity.
Jesus is mentioned in the holy Quran. The whole story is there. But to us, Jesus was not crossified. Jewish tried their best to get him crossified by the Romans that days, but he was raised to the sky.
We do not regard Jesus as God, or Son of God as the Christians do. To us, Jesus is a prophet, a human. But not a God.

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I'd have to say Judaism, since Christianity IS two-thirds Judaism ANYWAY.

It took the Hebrew Bible... added a few pages, and called it the Holy Bible. They took the story of a religious figure being born of a virgin (already done before) and added it to the Jesus legend. Then they took all the fun Pagan holidays, and claimed the were Christian holidays...

In a sense, Christianity is the 'Carlos Mencia' of the religious world.

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Well, I would say Islam and judism. Prophets of those religions were sent with holy books. The bible for you for example & the Quran for me as a Muslim. If you look at the teachings of those religions, they are very close. For me as a Muslim, I believe christanity is a religion of God. But we believe the people that days didn't obey Jesus, and later on our prophet Mohammad was sent with the message of Islam. Off course there are some differences. & remember that you cannot find very true followers of religions these days. It is only there in the ID card.

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I think Islam, both have same history and a lot more things as common.

Jessus is accepted as 'Messiah' in Islam, and is called as 'Massih' in Quran, which has same meanings as Messiah.
In Islam, Muslims believe that Jessus Christ(P.B.U.H) was born a virgin bith, He was one of the Mightiset Prophets of God, God gave him power to rise the dead men, He(P.B.U.H) was Raised up alive to the sky.
And as far I know He(P.B.U.H) also predicted about the comming of Prophet Mohammahd(P.B.U.H).
The one who do not belive in, and respect Christ(P.B.U.H) is not a Muslim, no matter how much ever he claims to love GOD.

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