What questions should I ask myself when making a decision?

Every time I need to decide something I always go with whatever comes to my mind first without asking myself any questions. This isn’t working for me at all and I need to really start thinking about things before going ahead and deciding them.

For example I went phone shopping and decided within 2 minutes which one I wanted without knowing much about it, I got it because it was the best looking and the “in” thing.

What are questions I should think about when decision making? I really need to start thinking things through instead of depending on my conscience.

Answer #1

dunno, I kinda go with my gut too… but then I dont do regret, so it tends to work out…

if that’s not working, maybe ask what are the immediate consequences, what are the future consequences, what are potential consequences I havent thought about, what’s the worst case scenario, and why do I really want/am I doing this

Answer #2

Try to be more methodical. For example, in the case of the cellphone. Think about firstly, the status it brings, the amount of money you will be set back on, convenience, features etc… then try to see if certain benefits brought about by whatever you are going to decide on will offset the downsides

Answer #3

Do I really need this thing or is it a luxury item - how long will it be before I lose interest in it - I need to research this so I can get a beter price…Merry Christmas !!

Answer #4

look at it then just walk away. come back in 5 mins and that would have given you enough time to think about some things.

for other things, like a cell phone, which is something that you will need to have for a while, I suggest more time to think about it.

if your going out shopping, like a cell phone, do your research before leaving home or go with a friend who will stop you and carry you out of the store before you buy something without thinking.

Answer #5

calderoh has it right on I reckon.

For any sort of tech item or appliance, I scroll through reviews before I touch it. I like to know all the pros and cons to be able to make an informed decision.

For things like clothes, I usually go away and think about it for a good hour. I think about what I have to wear it with, when I can wear it etc. then, if it all adds up to good and I can’t stop thinking about it an hour later, I buy it.

Answer #6

how would I feel about this later? That’s what gets me through each day!! :) Best of luck, Merry Christmas!! :)

Answer #7

U had to know one thing will you withstand the disadvantages of that decision??

Answer #8


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