What presents should I buy for my 12 year old son on christmas?

My son likes video games, but every year he gets some. I’m trying to buy things not to expensive since I got laid off. Some board games would be nice,but the problem is I dont know what to buy. Could you guys and girl help me? (the presents could still be video games. He likes action and adventure)

                   (:thank you!!!:)
Answer #1

What about books? : ) You could buy your son a video game or some other major thing and then buy a bunch of little, inexpensive gifts and set it up as a treasure hunt type thing. That would be fun and rewarding : ) Honestly, whatever you think is best. It is your son and your budget. While I haven’t been laid off, I have a very very minimal budget and have to be creative with hand-made gifts and small store-bought gifts for my parents and boyfriend.

Answer #2

Go to walmart cause its really cheap there. Buy hockey mini sticks. My brother loved that at that age. Or buy him a soccer ball than with that give him a cheap sweat shirt or sweat pants from walmart.

Answer #3

does he have a console?

Answer #4

if he likes video games get him a non violent action video game=)

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