What present should I get my guy friend?

My friend that is a guys birthday is in a week, I don’t know what to get him because we both like each other more then friends. He’s into guitar, golf, soccar, shopping and clothes, cars and regular boy stuff. Please help!

Answer #1

well…um…get him something nice but not romantic. get him a soccer ball and have you and your group of friends sign it.(make sure to have his friends sign it to.) put something like your another year older happy birthday form your gang!!something like that and decorate it and put the date.!:) elliecullen2be

Answer #2

Wow - you’re lucky you know he likes all those things, all the guys I know like NOTHING so it’s impossible to shop for them. Some ideas for this boy: guitar picks, golf balls, gift certificate, a CD, a car magazine, or something along those lines.

Answer #3

Try getting him just like some jewlry or clothes from his fav. store!

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