What can I get a guy(boyfriend or close friend) for his birthday?

Ok, so my boyfriends birthday is coming and I dont know what to get him. He’s an April Fool’s Baby so I dont know…and like I want tu get him sum clothes but with him knowin his b-day is comin up I dont want to be asking him what size he wears in pants or a shirt…he likes football and weapons unfourtunately,but im not going tu get him anything harmful. So what can I get him?

Answer #1

go to give him a bj.. and just before you put it in your mouth yell “April Fools!” jk. lol dont do that. make him cookies or something. then give him a bj

Answer #2

I like to give something that they will always use. Like a wallet or keyring. Some key rings let you hide pics and engravings, something makes it even more special. Clothes are boring, unless they are unique, like sports related or leather jackets etc. Hair and face products can be good for the right guy. Or a great night out, with planed events (that they will enjoy) and surprises throughout. FOOD!!!

Answer #3

Bond no. 9 - Chez bond scent! SMELLS GREAT!

Answer #4

condoms hahaha

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