What oil is best for frying a turkey?

I am wanting to deep fry a turkey this thanksgiven and need to know what kind of oil is best to use. Most people use p-nut oil. I don’t likr the taste of P-nut oil. Is it ok to use veg oil.? Will it not burn to quickly? Is there another kid of oil that doesn’t burn quickly?

Answer #1

Beside peanut oil, you can use canola oil, safflower oil or a blend. You MUST use a turkey deep frier, either uses propane burner to heat the oil, or an electric heater. YOU DO NOT cook inside, or in you garage, or under a tree. There are a number of mishaps that can occur which will cause a large hot fireball to erupt.

The turkey will be delicious and moist and cooked much faster than in an oven, but make SURE you read the directions and warnings.

Good Luck, and enjoy.

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