What is the best wine to drink with a turkey?

What is the best wine to drink with a turkey dinner?

Answer #1

White win, chablis, or zinfandel. Since turkey is a light colored meat, it won’t pair well with a red wine such as merlot or cabernet. Happy drinking (urp).

Answer #2

The best wine for Turkey is the one you like to drink. Simple. Most turkey dinners are so full of flavors that pairing the wine with one dish is easier than with the whole meal. With so many flavors it is a monumental task. As far as just turkey itself, well it’s a rich meat and I would say that a well rounded Chardonnay or Chenin Blanc would be nice, but personally a Pinot Noir is optimal. Rich enough for the meat without overpowering. Great acidity too to go with the “gravy” or other sauses that might be paired with it.

If this was for thanksgiving and Cranberries were on the menu then the choice is simple. Zinfandel(the red kind), it is awesome with a turkey day meal.

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