What is wrong with my laptop?

Urgent help needed!!!

My laptop is showing unregistered vista internet protection, its disabled my firewall and all my security settings and says my laptop is riddled with extreme viruses!

I ran a scan with avg 9.0 however it only found 122 tracking cookies which were not malicious. However when I click to see my firewall, windows defender etc it comes up the same thing its really annoying showing all these viruses.

It says I have to register so when I clicked on the sight it said external things want to open the webpage…so I didn’t trust it and cancelled it. Please help with this asap!!!

Answer #1

I agree with clawjaw get the malwarebytes first and the other ones he said and if they don’t work you will have to restor your computor to factor settings

Answer #2

youve picked up some spyware from somewhere…

use this:


if malwarebytes doesnt work use:


if your using internet explorer change to firefox 3.6: www.mozilla-europe.org/en/firefox

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