Whats wrong with the sound on my advent laptop?

I have an advent netbook and recently when I play music and videos on it the sound is really mucked up. Its hard to describe but it kind slows the song down and stutters and and makes it sound weird. Then it will go back to normal…then start again…and so forth. I’ve checked the sound settings and they appear to be fine. Any ideas?

Answer #1

update the sound driver, you will notice a huge different trust me, updating all software/hardware drivers in a computer which the manufactures do not keep up to date with as there always a year behind at least which they do not tell you, but if I showed you the same laptop as me standard and with mine all upto date with drivers you will notice a huge big difference. but if the sound driver dont work then its a hardware problem and you will need to check speaker connections and speakers for fault and replace.

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