What is wrong, my stomach starts to hurt at night?

My stomach keeps hurting at about 8 every night and some times durring the day

Answer #1

well okay…not much information to go on here but I will give it a shot!. Stomach pains can come from anything…bad food..etc… if it is everynight I doubt it has to do with the food you are eating. . unless you have any intolerance that you are unaware of. A big stomach ache cause is stress actually!! I suffered from stomach aches and nausea throughout my second year of sixth form caused by stress and panic attakes. Putting all food aspects aside, apart from the fact that maybe you should try eating less during dinner time just to see what effect it has, are you having any problemas that you are worrying about? any issues that might be the cause?. . . algo the fact that is starts around 8 o clock everynight leans me towards the fact that maybe it has happened a coulple of times and now you expect it to happen around that time. Our minds have an unbelievable amount of power over our bodys, so ir you have anything that is bugging you, maybe its not quite as obvious as you would like but maybe something in you subconscious is getting at you and it is very likely that it manifests in form of a stomach ache. I know its hard to except that it could be slightly psycological, I had a hard time believing it to. . .we want to thing its something physical because that would be easier to cure it because we worry about the fact that weve got it means we worry more and that means that it keeps happening. This is just one theory as really maybe you should try and add a bit more info so as to help limit the possabilities. If it is not psycological I would maybe consider seeing a doctor as that will always help to reasure and help get you feeling better !! hope all sorts itself out :)

Answer #2

It is possible that it is stress from something that you are worrying about. It could also be that you have a lot of gas in your stomach.

Some things you can take if it is gas:

  • GasX
  • Mylanta
  • Pepto Bismal
  • Tums

If it keeps up, you should see a doctor to rule out any serious causes.

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