What is this bump on the areola of my breast?

For the past almost year I’ve had this bump on the areola of my breast. I thought at first it was a zit because I can pop it but the stuff that comes out isnt normal puss like a zit and it doesnt bleed at all like a zit would. Its thicker and white. Also, it doesnt hurt at all and does not change in size…anyone know what it may be?

Answer #1

It could be one of your milk ducts. How big is it?

Answer #2

Not very big…like I said kind of the size of a small zit

Answer #3

I have one too. A very small white one on my areola. It’s tiny and it’s been there for years. I really can’t remember when it appeared. I wonder what it is.

Answer #4

Oh sorry, that’s me being to tired haha. Well, yeah it could most likely be one of your milk ducts, you could always get it checked out.

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