What is the point of science and social studies?

I just don’t see the point! They don’t help you in most jobs and it just seems like more homework to me… but I don’t know. What do you think?

Answer #1

You personally may not be interested in them (neither am I, actually), but that doesn’t mean that they’re not useful or that they’re pointless.

Politicians, writers, archeologists, lawyers, judges, teachers – all need social studies in one way or another.

Veterinarians, doctors, nurses, dentists, researchers – all need science (although there are many different kinds of “science,” so there are really a lot more possibilities.)

Just keep your options open. The more you learn about something, the more it will make sense to you.

Answer #2

Acually You need one or the other, or both to get most jobs… Icluding Math and English.

If say, for example , you want to become a vet. you need science and bioliegy( not sure how to spell that atm lol )

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