What is the microsoft word used in school?

what is the microsoft word in school with wordart and clipart and a lot of fonts. is there a free download? thanks

Answer #1

Depends on the school really…you can easily recognize which version they use.

Answer #2

I think its the 2007 one

Answer #3

You have to buy it, but you can go to the microsoft word website and get a 30 day trial. im not sure what website it is, but search “microsoft word” in google.

Answer #4

you dont really get any microsoft products for free but I would download the microsoft office 2010 beta its the latest and best you will only get it for a few months but then you should download the trial and activate it so you can use it to its full potential, you will be prompted to give the activation code when you run the program for the 1st time you can aquire the code from the download page just write it down on paper

Good Luck

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