What is the best breed to breed with my female maltipoo?

My 9 month old female maltipoo is in heat. I want to breed her once before spaying. What breed would be best to breed her with?

Answer #1

Like Phrannie Said, Why would you want to make unwanted ugly mutt dogs? And, you SHOULD only breed a dog when she’s 3 years old, No younger than that. For every puppy born, 3 die in shelters. Dogs in shelters are being euthinaised EVERY day, Because no one will adopt them. There beaten, neglected, abandoned, EVERY day. And you want to make more pups to add to that? Were trying to get the dog population to go DOWN for a WHILE. If you DO breed her, her pups will be ugly mutt dogs like herself, but worse. ALL puppies are cute, But they don’t stay that way for long. They age a lot faster than we do, For some weird reason. I haven’t figured out why though, Anyway, Here’s a little story for you. My friend’s friend had pups and there was this REALLY cute one, but as it got older it looked like a cat mated with a deer which mated with a dog. It was SO ugly. The mutt pup’s mom was a mutt and so was the father. So, you want your pups to be ugly mutt dogs? Please spay her, I heard that if you spay/neuter a dog EARLY, then they won’t hump anything, But if you neuter/spay them when they’re older, There most likely to hump things. So, Please just spay your pup. Leave the breeding to the proffessionals, Because, I can tell that you have NO IDEA about breeding. If you DO breed, You could possibly lose your pup, Or have to pay for a C-Section, And then if nothing does go wrong, You still have to pay a lot for the pups until there 8-10 weeks old. Lots of other things could go wrong, So if you want to be the heartless person, Breeding just because you think it would be be fun, Well go ahead. Be my guest. But, Here’s another thing, Example: Breeding is like getting a new puppy, Chewing on furniture, Toileting on the carpet, Teething, LOTS of chew toys, BUT, The only difference breeding and getting a new puppy have is, that breeding is like getting 2-8 new puppies, So EXTRA toileting, EXTRA teething, EXTRA chewing on furniture, And LOTS OF EXTRA CHEW TOYS. Think twice about breeding, Before you start breeding unwanted ugly mutt dogs. -Dogluver.

Answer #2

You got to be kidding? You’ve already got a mutt…(yes, a maltie-poo is a crossbred dog…that is a mutt)…and you want to add more breeds to that?? WTF?? WHY do you want to have one litter before spaying?? You raise the chances of her developing breast cancer signifcantly, just by ONE breeding.

Then of course, SHE’S TOO YOUNG!! Would you allow a 12 year old to get pregnant just because she’s started her periods??? You take a big chance on losing the pups AND your dog breeding so early.

Lets not forget either, about the 4.5 million dogs that are killed in the shelters every year. Most coming from folks like you, who want to breed their mutt to the mutt next door, because “wow” wouldn’t be cool to have puppies…they’d be so cute. They’re only puppies for a short time, and then they’re aren’t so cute.

Don’t be so selfish.


Answer #3
  1. WHY do you want to breed your dog? There’s no health benefit to breeding her before spaying. She’s also still really young, AND a mixed dog (aka mutt). She’s a “designer” dog, but still a mutt – two different breeds.
  2. There are tens of thousands of dogs, including puppies, that are put to death each month in the US alone. Every day, hundreds of dogs are killed in shelters to make room for new ones.

For every puppy your mutt has that you sell, a home is taken that could have been for one of the dogs in a shelter. For every puppy that you can’t sell, what will you do with it?

Please think again before purposely breeding a mutt. Breeding makes sense when using high-quality bloodlines of purebred dogs, to further the breed’s characteristics and use them in shows, but breeding mutts has no logic.

  1. Breeding is dangerous and expensive. If you go through with it, be prepared to spend tons of money on the care of your pregnant dog, be prepared to lose her if it’s a difficult childbirth, and be prepared to have the money to take care of the puppies until they are at least 8 weeks old.
Answer #4

stanheadbangstometal because it’s not a real breed :) Malti-poo is a mixture of a Maltese and a Poodle…someone’s two dogs bred, it came out with a mutt that happened to be cute, and they attached a name to the breed to sell the puppies. Just a cute, lovable, and probably awesome mixed breed.

Answer #5

How about breeding her with her own breed? That’s how it should be.

Answer #6

why create more dogs? theres thosousands needin g homes

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