Breeding my female westie?

I ahve a 6 month old female westie an d a 2 year old male westie, they ahve the same dads but not the same mum. Im still unsure whether or not to breed her or not and let her have a litter (by another westie) my friend breed their dogs are trying to get me to do the same. What are the pro’s and con’s? Will the realationship change between my 2 dogs if she gets pregnant? Will the male attackn her or the pups?

Advice people x

Answer #1

My advice?

Don’t do it.

1 - There are between 3 and 4 million dogs being killed each year in animal shelters across the USA. For every home you sell a Westie puppy to, that’s a home that SHOULD HAVE rescued a dog. Why contribute to the overpopulation problem? (I worked in a shelter for over a year and I know that even puppies and purebred dogs are killed just because of no space).

2- Spaying your dog will decrease the chance of her having multiple types of cancers. The whole “let her have a litter” thing makes no sense. She’s a dog. She doesn’t care if she has a litter or not – you do. So do the RIGHT thing for her and her health and get her spayed asap.

3- Having a litter is a lot of work, and a lot of money. You will need to get an ultrasound from the vet to determine how many puppies. Then you run the risk of your Mom dying during the birthing, or having a complication that would require an expensive vet visit. THEN you have to worry about finding potential homes for the puppies AND paying to get them all vaccinated at 6 weeks to protect them from disease.

Just not worth it, IMO.

Answer #2

Hi Charliefarlie. It will take some time to find a serious and helpful Westie breeder, but we did. Many are just patronizing idiots who woffle on about legitimate breeders. Most good books state that enthusiastic amateurs, are the best place to go. We did it for the fun, we had homes lined up for the pups and money was never a reason or limit. We had the help of a good vet and we only wanted to breed once. So try to get advice from an unbias breeder who will not supply you with worthless diatribe! However, six months is far too young, and most good books will give this advice to you.

Answer #3

It is better for your dog If you can wait for her second heat, If you can try to do so, also talk to friends and make sure you have homes for them before you consider it, no one wants to be stuck with unwanted pups, least of all you, if you want to breed, just be responsible, If you can manage the pregnancy and pups financial, then you have the right to breed, and it’s no one else business if you breed or not

Answer #4

I agree with stevejh tbh… Breeding dogs are very satisfying and you can really learn a lot from it, obviously dont just breed the dogs, do look into the genetic bkgrd f the blood lines because there are some diseases which are recessive meaning there might be an allele in your dog’s chromosome that will cause an ailment if bred with another dog with another allele for it. And the cost will be expensive for that. You can call the KC for advise because they are always willing to help and ask around local breeders who breed westies as well! Although after looking at the whole process, it might change your mind because it is a hard job, but it is very good and practical if you know what you are doing. But the main thing is, breed for the welfare of the dogs and their pups, not for money!

Marcus xx

Answer #5

Breeding should be left to legitamate breeders…people who breed dogs in order to improve the breed…people who KNOW what they’re doing with genetics, who KNOW if the dog they have and the stud they’ve chosen fit the standard of the breed (personality wise as well as looks), and if that coupling will eliminate or enhance qualities in pups…

NO dog should be bred before 18 months to two years old…


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